Padahastasana – Feet touching by hand Pose

School of Yoga explains padahastasana (feet touching by hand pose)


Padahastasana – feet touching by hand pose

Padahastasana technique :

  • Sthithi (starting) position: Stand erect with feet and knees together. Keep hands at the sides.
  • Breathe in and lift hands above head.
  • Breathing out, bend forward to touch toes without bending knees.
  • Slowly, relaxing the lower back, suck abdomen inwards and pull the torso forward so that face touches knee.
  • Hold for 3-10 counts.
  • Breathing in come back erect with hands above head.
  • Breathe out and drop hands to the sides.
  • The drishti (gaze) recommended is nasikagre (middle of the brow gaze) at final position or svadishtana chakra.

Padahastasana benefits: 

  • The action of bending forward brings suppleness to every posterior muscle in the upper and lower back and restores strength to the cartilages and muscles on the lower back.
  • The action of bending forward stretches and tones the hamstrings.
  • This exercise is a very good aerobic exercise when done rapidly.

Padahastasana contraindications:


Yogacharya Sundaram demonstrating Padahastasana in the 1920’s

  • People with back problems and circulatory disorders should not attempt this asana without first consulting a physician.
  • People with lower back problems must perform this asana only under supervision of a physician.
  • Do not perform this asana during menstruation or pregnancy.

Some noteworthy points on Padahastasana :

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  • People with cardiac ailments should do this exercise slowly because of the aerobic nature of the asana.
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