Classical Yoga

Conceptual Base

Today, Yoga is synonymous with asanas, pranayama, fitness and lifestyle and meditation. However, this is only one aspect of Yoga, the material aspect.

Therefore, understanding the overall yoga concepts is important for any serious yogi.

Philosophical Base

Yoga has evolved for over 5000 years. Initially, multiple concepts and ideas were tested and over time, these became integrated into Indian society.

Initially, the concepts which are embedded as Yoga Philosophy were initially passed down verbally as poems and practices from teacher to student.

Later, when writing was invented around 1000 BC, these concepts were documented, codified and integrated into various sacred texts.

Thought Leadership

Classical Yoga is an ancient and highly evolved subject.

The objective of School of Yoga is to give the visitor exposure to a a wide range of experiences on the subject of Yoga. However, it must be remembered that Yoga is a practice, so the theory will only help the practitioner in confirming his own understanding of classical yoga fundamentals. 

We invite well-researched contributions to share.