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School of Yoga explains Yoga Therapy

Asana, pranayama and diet have been used in India for centuries for curing illness, as a part of yoga therapy.

However, this practice was scientifically analysed and converted into a contemporary format only in the 1940’s when  Yogacharya Sundaram first published his findings in his tamil book “Yoga Sigicchai”. This book addresses all the issues of health faced by pre-independence South India. Later, owing to the relevance of the book, an English translation of “Yoga Sigicchai” called “Yoga Therapy” was published in the 1990’s.

Over time, many practitioners and trainers have applied Yoga Therapy to daily health issues. However, all efforts have been impacted by a lack of systematic analysis of how a combination of asana, pranayama and diet could assist in improving health or recovery from illness.

This site aims to systematise this study by using this platform to share knowledge and experience for betterment of heath everywhere.

Please do share your experience with us and allow others to benefit from your efforts.