Yoga as a Lifestyle

Breath Control or Pranayama

In Classical Yoga, Pranayama means controlling the breathing process. Here, pranayama means Prana = breath of life + yama = control.

Therapy & Health

Asana, pranayama and diet have been used in India for centuries for curing illness, as a part of yoga therapy.

However, this practice was scientifically analysed and converted into a contemporary format only in the 1940’s when  Yogacharya Sundaram first published his findings in his tamil book “Yoga Sigicchai”.


What is popularly called “Yoga or yogasana” for fitness is actually “asana”. This website tries to identify and explain the most important of all known asanas for improvement of health and spiritual development.

The asanas chosen herein as well as methodology, benefits and contraindications are a modification of the 1920’s work of Yoga pioneer and Guru – Yogacharya Sundaram